Sinéad O’Connor – Paddy’s Lament

Blarney Folk – Goodbye Mick

John Sheahan & Eamonn Campbell – Irish Washerwoman

I love this jig, but it seems not so popular among my seisiún friends. Oh well.

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Caladh Nua – The Humours Of Ballyloughlan/Whelan’s jig/the Gravel Walk

I’ve never seen anyone play fiddle left-handed before.

Shamrock – Cooley’s Reel / Drowsy Maggie

I admit it, she’s a better bodhrán player than I am.

I smell like smoke

Got up at 6 AM this morning when I received a phone call from Jose asking about how to unlock the gate behind the community center. Too damn early! By 7 AM, I was down there to help get the day going. The bbqing and sales went well; at one point I even had to go get 50 more lbs of meat. Even with that, we ran out after the noon Mass. So sorry 2:00 Mass.

In the middle of it all, I had to step away and do the music for the 10 AM. You know what? I fricking rock at leading music for Mass. Mike is a way better guitarist than me, but I kick ass at leading.

Went for my run tonight. Was a bit harder than I’d like. Part of the problem his how arid the weather is. It gets difficult to breathe as my throat dries out. Despite my poverty, I’ll have to see about getting a hydration belt or something. Carp.

Remember albums?

Today, I list 5 of my favorite albums of all time. Of course, these days, albums are somewhat anachronistic, so this list will be heavily weighted towards the past.

So, in no particular order:

  • Some Great Reward – Depeche Mode
    This was the first DM album I ever heard and to me, it is the peak of the ‘sound’ that I like most from them. Not every song is the greatest, but the album as a whole is so significant in the development of my musical aesthetic.
  • The Joshua Tree – U2
    U2 was on my musical radar before this album, but this is the point at which the band became mega-stars. So many good songs and some of my favorites aren’t even the ones that were released as singles.
  • 2.0 – Garbage
    I’m not a big fan of a lot of the music from the 90s, but this album was really solid. It’s one that I could happily put on and listen to in its entirety.
  • Abba Gold – Abba
    Scoff all you like, there is not one dud among all the songs on this album.
  • Stunt – Barenaked Ladies
    Like Some Great Reward above, this album marks my first real introduction to the band. I’d heard other songs before this, but it was during their tour for this album that I first saw the band perform. So much fracking fun at that concert! I didn’t appreciate the band before I saw them live. Since that first time, I’ve seen them perform another 6-8 times. Love them!

What are some of your favorite albums of all time?

Kiss them for me

Had a rather rough time sleeping last night. Probably too much caffeine last evening. We’ll see how it goes tonight. But, my tossing and turning did have one positive result, I was able to get up a little early. I made it in to work at 7:30 instead of 8.

I’m not sure what’s going on. When I am actually running, I don’t enjoy it. But between times, I think about it a lot and eagerly look forward to the next run. What the heck is that about? I got a couple of friends to sign up on so they can track their progress. I like encouraging each other. Today was a rest day so no running, but I did walk a mile and a half at lunch.

Tonight I spent my time leveling my hunter to 44. He’s moving right along. I hope it will only be two more weeks until he is high enough to replace my captain in the Monday night group.

I should be getting my cello back tomorrow. As much as I’d prefer not to do so, I’m going to try to sell it. I’d like to get $450 for it. Know anyone who’d like to buy a cello?

Choir practice

Went to Choir Practice at Our Lady of Fatima tonight. The rehearsal was for the Mass of the Oils on Thursday. The music is mostly the same as the past several years; functional, pretty (maybe), but not terribly fun. Rehearsal was… difficult. Most of the choir was from OLF as was the director. But there were several of us from other parishes too. So we had a combination of over-familiarity on the part of the OLF folks, and under-familiarity for the rest of us. Add to it that another music director from another parish was there, and he had trouble not directing. And the organist must be new because he had a lot of trouble following the director. Just ugh.

Oh well, Mass is on Thursday and then it will all be over.

A day of rest

I spent today doing mostly nothing. It was great! I went to Mass last night so I didn’t even need to leave home to go to church. Speaking of Mass, this is the second week in a row that I didn’t think the music sucked. Yeah, I’m as surprised as you! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t great. Not even close. But it wasn’t terrible. Oh, and I’ve watched a few televised Masses over the past few weeks. The music is consistently dreadful with those.

Anyway, I spent part of today awash in nostalgia for the 70s. I watched a Time-Life infomercial for Singers & Songwriters and also several episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss some of the fashion of the 60s and 70s. And of course, the 80s. I watched The Lost Boys again yesterday. Geez I really miss the 80s.

Other activities today: I cooked up 6 cups of rice along with a package of Freedom French cut green beans and 4 chicken breasts. Not only was it tonight’s dinner, but tomorrow’s and Tuesday’s too. I got the week’s laundry done. I did more festival stuff with Aluatis including getting the second Spring Steed. And I watched some other stuff on the TiVo; The Event, Walking Dead, No Ordinary Family, Modern Family.

I grow ever more eager for my Portland trip. Still a month to go. David is flying on Southwest from Texas. I hope his plane is crack free.

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