Though I saw it all around, never thought I could be affected

I had a meeting with my photographer associate today about helping her with a shoot tomorrow. I was 30 minutes late because I couldn’t find her house. I went to use Maps on my iPhone only to find out that I’ve had a service interruption. I was sure I’d paid that bill, but maybe not. I don’t know. It’s just one thing after another sometimes.

When I went for my run today, it was really hard. I am just feeling down and dispirited and the difficulty of the run was almost too much. Just when are things supposed to get easier?
I mentioned my difficulty in a Twitter/Facebook post and a couple of friends replied with some words of encouragement. Yeah, it made me cry a little.

I submitted a couple more job applications today. We’ll see.

Car woes

I was running really low on gas today, but I finally got my Visa gift card activated so this afternoon, I drove to the gas station to put the $30 into my tank. As I made to leave, my car wouldn’t start. After a moment or two, the engine did turn over and I was able to go about my evening. I hoped that the problem had been that I’d been so low on fuel that the pump needed to be re-primed.
After my next errand at the Community Center, I went to start the car and again, it wouldn’t turn over. This time, it REALLY didn’t work. I called Steve to see if he was still at work (which is nearby) and it turned out that he was actually at the church. I asked if he could come give me a jump-start. As I waited for him, a man pulled up to drop his son off for Boy Scouts. He asked if he could help. He didn’t have cables but he pulled his vehicle up to mine so that he could do the jump when the cables arrived. Moments later, Vangie arrived with the cables and we were able to get my car started. The gentleman advised me to drive around for a bit and then pull into a gas station where I could test the battery and charge it or buy a new one. I said that I would but that it would have to wait until Thursday when I got paid. He then insisted on giving me money to get a battery. He didn’t even want to give me his name so that I could pay him back.
My very own Good Samaritan.

Woah, we’re halfway there

Today was a pretty good day. I knocked out the minutes from yesterday’s meeting in no time. Surprised myself with that. I was able to obtain some pedometers from the District Benefits Office. Score! I went with Vangie to Central Catholic to get some keys to open gates for the next two weekends. I did a crazy fast couple of laps around the campus with Vee during the afternoon wellness break. And after work, I started week 2 of my 5K training. All good. Following that, I came home to quickly take a shower, cook some dinner, then rush back out to the parish for the Penance Service which. took. for. ever. I was tasked with being an usher so I was on my feet for over two more hours. I’m tired.

Walk on Wednesday

I skipped my lunch walk today. But I did go for my wellness break walk and Mary came along. And then, after work, I joined up with other walkers from the college out on the track. There, I began a training plan to get up to running a 5K. The first day of the plan called for alternating walking and jogging for 30 minutes. The app on my iPhone alerted me when it was time to switch from one to the other.
So I feel pretty good about it, but I bet I’ll be sore tomorrow.


When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

Inherent in the question is the idea that this new technology will allow me to go someplace that I really want to go or someplace that’s difficult to go to. I mean, why would I say, “The kitchen”? That would be really stupid and a waste. Will this technology be more cost effective than what we have now? You know, it is possible to purchase trips to space, to the international space station. Just takes money. Will teleportation cost as much? Will it be cheaper to drive or fly to any of the places I’d like to go? Will teleportation be a novelty and ultimately nothing more than a fad? I’m not one to jump on bandwagons for their own sake.

Let’s assume that it’s cheap/free to use this technology. When will it actually arrive? Tomorrow? Then I’ll go to Portland. 5 years from now? Then it will depend on where I haven’t gotten to by then. I’ll tell you what it will do if this is a cheap and ubiquitous means of travel. It will prompt me to live in a more remote area than I would currently accept. If I can get back and forth to people and services, why live in a crowded area at all?

My crack dispenser

What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

I guess the obvious answer is the internet. It’s so useful for so many things. Certainly email and web browsing, but I use it all the time for playing MMOs, Lord of the Rings Online in particular. I spend hours and hours playing this game.

Another obvious guess would be my iPhone. Obvious in the sense that I can’t stop using it to check statuses and updates on facebook and twitter.

But I’ll make my official answer… my TiVO. I used to be running two or three VHS recorders multiple nights of the week. Keeping track of the tapes and making sure to watch them in the correct order to clear up space to do it all again was logistically challenging. TiVO was made for me! I recently upgraded to the Premiere box. 5 times as much storage, HD if I want it, download directly from Netflix and YouTube, and I can use it as my cable tuner box. Lovely! So TiVO gets my vote.

LotR movie making inspires medical scanner.

Pretty cool story about new technology.

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