Regular viewing

It has gotten to the point where I don’t even know what night the various TV shows air, nor when a new season starts. As has been true for many years, everything I watch is something I’ve recorded on TiVo… with some new exceptions. Added to the mix now are shows that I watch on demand. I feel like I’m having an increasingly difficult time keeping up with my shows.

Among the shows that I watch these days:

  • The Good Wife
  • Elementary
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Marvel’s Agents of Shield
  • Grimm
  • Person of Interest*
  • The Flash
  • Marvel’s Agent Carter*
  • Galavant*
  • Supergirl
  • Into the Badlands

*Not currently airing/season hasn’t begun

I also record Dr. Who, but seriously, I’m so not interested in the characters.


I also (binge) watch, on Demand:

  • Daredevil
  • Jessica Jones
  • Homeland
  • House of Cards
  • Sense8


Finally, I have some things on the TiVo that are waiting for me:

  • World War II in HD
  • How the States Got Their Shapes
  • (um…. some other history shows that I can’t remember the name of)


Anything I should be watching that I’m not? I recently gave up on Blue Bloods and The Bastard Executioner. I long ago abandoned The Walking Dead. So don’t recommend those.

Hump day roundup

Stayed home from work today. Was feeling a little poorly when I woke up and a sick day was too attractive to pass up.

After sleeping several more hours, I got up to do a bunch of laundry and play on the computer. Spent time running Haelindir around Evendim. It was not the best use of play time. Oh well. Got some rep with the Wardens of Annuminas but that’s about it. All grey quests.

About the only other thing I did today was begin week 7 of my 10K training. Did 5 miles in just about an hour. My quads are feeling it!

This evening, I watched Tora! Tora! Tora!. I am so pissed off right now. If I could, I’d probably go enlist tomorrow.

I wish I would have been up to going into work today. There are some things that I wanted to get done. Today’s absence will likely mean that some of those things get delayed by several weeks. Ah well.

Saturday in the sun

I spent all day out at Modesto Christian High School with the Knights cooking tri-tip, hotdogs, hamburgers. It was a sunny day with a high of about 80 degrees. In other words, I hated it. I did get a decent sunburn. Joy. And I managed to cut into my finger with the meat slicer. So I got that going for me.
Sales weren’t as brisk as I’d have hoped, but we still might make a bit of a profit by the end of the weekend.

Tonight I tried to burn through several episodes of recorded tv. I managed to watch a couple of hours of Smallville. I wish I had more time to get stuff done!

Back to life, back to reality

Goodness! I had already shut down the living room and was brushing my teeth when I realized I hadn’t posted yet today. I need to focus!

Today was my first day back at work. I’d love to say it sucked, but it didn’t. It was just a normal day at work. Yeah, it was hard at times, but that’s often true. I’m just happy that I got to deal with all the things that were awaiting my attention from the time I was gone. So now it’s back to the regular grind. I have several projects to keep my occupied. That’s a good thing.

I’m way behind on my Survivor. I watched a couple of hours tonight and I still have the finale to go. Perhaps tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday.

A day of rest

I spent today doing mostly nothing. It was great! I went to Mass last night so I didn’t even need to leave home to go to church. Speaking of Mass, this is the second week in a row that I didn’t think the music sucked. Yeah, I’m as surprised as you! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t great. Not even close. But it wasn’t terrible. Oh, and I’ve watched a few televised Masses over the past few weeks. The music is consistently dreadful with those.

Anyway, I spent part of today awash in nostalgia for the 70s. I watched a Time-Life infomercial for Singers & Songwriters and also several episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss some of the fashion of the 60s and 70s. And of course, the 80s. I watched The Lost Boys again yesterday. Geez I really miss the 80s.

Other activities today: I cooked up 6 cups of rice along with a package of Freedom French cut green beans and 4 chicken breasts. Not only was it tonight’s dinner, but tomorrow’s and Tuesday’s too. I got the week’s laundry done. I did more festival stuff with Aluatis including getting the second Spring Steed. And I watched some other stuff on the TiVo; The Event, Walking Dead, No Ordinary Family, Modern Family.

I grow ever more eager for my Portland trip. Still a month to go. David is flying on Southwest from Texas. I hope his plane is crack free.

Just about the most boring day ever

Super lazy day today. I wish I were more inspired to do stuff. 🙁

  • Played some LOTRO. Did some book work with Aluatis.
  • Watched a lot of stuff. Episodes of Castle, Robin Hood, 30 Rock, Lie To Me, Smallville, and the movie Pandorum. Pandorum was interesting. I have questions about what the members of the ship were experiencing for the entire movie. I feel there are some unresolved plot points.
  • Called and talked with my dad.
  • Researched stuff to do in Portland. The more I look into making the trip, the more excited I’m getting.
  • Did not go shoot photos of Nicole for her website.
  • Cooked up chicken and pasta.

My beard is starting to get on my nerves. It will be a relief to shave it off.

It’s expected to be rainy and blustery all week. I hear frequent creaking coming from the vicinity of the roof.

Something to do

Today consisted of

  • waking up not according to some predetermined schedule, but when my body was done sleeping (spring forward, who cares?)
  • watching some tv (an episode of V to be precise)
  • going to Mass (the music continues to be mediocre)
  • lunching at Sips Bistro with Steve and Fr. Ramon (I had the Chicken Cesar Wrap.)
  • spending a couple of hours at the milonga at Azucar (Silvia and I had made plans to go. It was mostly tango, but also a smattering of many other styles. Mary in particular was very kind and asked me to dance several times. If you know me, you know I like dancing and have no problem with partner dancing, I actually prefer it, but I do need to know the steps.)
  • more tv (forthcoming. Perhaps some Being Human or Ordinary Family. I should watch the dvd I have from Netflix, The Island.)
  • LOTRO (Aluatis needs to continue with Volume 1.)
  • posting here (which I just finished.)

A new name, let’s play the game

This has been a longish weekend of doing nothing. In other words, perfect!

I played some LOTRO, but I spent most of my time watching TV. I still have a lot of catching up to do from when I was busy watching Oscar nominees. But the thing is, it’s been rather tough to rekindle interest in a lot of these shows. Maybe it’s time to cut some of them loose. And actually, I’ve already started doing that. A week or two ago, I set my TiVo to stop recording CSI and CSI:NY. Other programs that may soon go the way of the dodo include: Chuck, Castle, No Ordinary Family, and The Cape. And Survivor this season, well, I haven’t even started watching it. I’ve had no interest.


I think I’ve been having some real blood sugar issues this weekend. It might be time to start taking my health a little more seriously. 🙁

Also, I could really go for a deep-tissue massage right now.

What I watch

I’m a big TiVo fan. I switched from cable to DirecTV because that satellite company had a pre-existing relationship with TiVo. Well, at the time I switched, DirecTV was implementing their own (inferior) dvr. I stuck through the contract but switched back to cable after a year and got a new dual-tuner TiVo box.

All this to say that I record everything I watch and rarely turn on live television except as background noise.

Ok. At this point in the summer, there’s not much on that I watch. I am catching up on episodes of Scrubs, a show I only recently started watching. I watch Monk, Dead Zone, Psych, Eureka, and I’ve recorded, but haven’t watched, Burn Notice.

Fall is always a tricky time for me. There are many new shows and I have to decide which, if any, of them to watch. And I got a bit burned this last Spring. A new show debuted on Fox; Drive. So I started watching and thought the show was pretty good. Then the series was cancelled after like 3 episodes. Arrgh! Why did I bother? So I’ve decided to record new shows that I’m interested in and only watch them if the series is going to last for at least the season.

So, more on tv in the fall when I really have to start organizing my viewing schedule.
In the meantime, I’ll talk about how I spend almost all my time at home; MMORPGs.