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Yesterday I took some photos of Eloisa.

Here are a couple:
Eloisa - 128
Eloisa - 078

AMGEN Photos

Here are a couple of photos from the cycle race yesterday.
AMGEN 2011 - 016

AMGEN 2011 - 015

AMGEN 2011 - 027

Oregon, Day 7

Came back to Portland today. After checking in at the hotel, the first order of business was to go back to Christopher’s Gourmet Grill for the Man Up Cheeseburger. It was two patties, cheese, bacon, a sausage, a fried egg, and fixins.
Man Up Cheeseburger
I killed it.

We walked to and from the restaurant which allowed for some good digestion time. On the way back, we stopped in at a percussion shop, the Nike Factory Store (where Dave bought some stylin’ new sneakers), and a coffee shop. Very relaxed afternoon. Back at the hotel, I dozed off for a couple hours. Somewhat late in the evening, Dave and I took the lightrail downtown to go to a bar and catch some music. Sadly, we were a little too late. 🙁

Oregon, Day 1

Notable events of the past day or so.

Took a photo of Mt. Shasta from the car.  

Had a good 5K training this morning. Two 8-minute periods of jogging interrupted by a 5 minute walk. Sunday will be 20 minutes of non-stop jogging. w00t!

Arrived in Portland, picked up David from the airport. So far, Portland is not as great as I expected. But I’ll give it more time to really form an impression. I expect that I’ll like the suburbs better.

Tonight, Dave and I went to Christopher’s Gourmet Grill for dinner. I had the Louisiana Burger and he had the Chicken Burger. It was good food and the experience was very entertaining. Game 3 of the NBA Western Division Finals was on and employees and patrons of the place were quite free with their support and encouragement for Dallas. Dallas ended up winning.

Got to see Kate Jackson on an episode of Criminal Minds.

Fyona’s birthday party

Fyona’s birthday is today. Yesterday there was a party for her. The theme was sci-fi/futuristic/genre.
Here are a few photos.

Fyona's birthday - 03

Fyona's birthday - 02

Rob, Master of Meat and Flame!
Fyona's birthday - 09

Ana’s wedding

I attended the wedding of Ana Torres on Saturday. She is the receptionist at St. Stanislaus. I was very honored to have been invited. As might be expected, I took a few photos.

The couple enters the reception.
Ana's wedding - 11

Vangie and Walt
Ana's wedding - 13

Ana's wedding - 19

The happy couple
Ana's wedding - 14

April Hafla

Thalisha has classic silent film era looks.
Hafla 1104.29 - 239

You can always count on The Dragon Dancer to get things going.
Hafla 1104.29 - 047

Jodie. So flipping beautiful!
Hafla 1104.29 - 488

Sierra is so cute!
Hafla 1104.29 - 496

Photos from the Vigil

Outside during the Service of Light
Easter Vigil 2011 - 27

Inside the candlelit church
Easter Vigil 2011 - 39

Some of the catechumens
Easter Vigil 2011 - 67

Tom and Jackson
Easter Vigil 2011 - 69

Still MORE photos

On Friday, staff from Admissions & Records (well, all of Matriculation really) threw a surprise party for Judy who’s been at the college for 25 years.

Here’s Judy just after entering the room.
Judy Drummond surprise - 06

And here are all the folks that were there at the beginning of the party.
Judy Drummond surprise - 11

Finally, here’s a shot of me with Monique. I feel like a fricking giant.
Judy Drummond surprise - 21

More photos

Here are some photos from the Chrism Mass last night.

The view of the cathedral from my vantage point in the choir loft.
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 30

Just prior to the beginning of Mass.
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 02

The bishop
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 13

During the Eucharistic Prayer
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 31
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 35

The St. Stanislaus delegation
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 48
Mass of the Oils 2011 - 50

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