One more day off

Called in sick again today. I’ve had a pressure up in my abdomen for a couple days now, and yesterday I began feeling a kind of body ache like when you have the flu. But I had no other flu symptoms and the ache was located on my lower back. This reminded me of when I had a kidney stone a couple of years ago. So I popped some ibuprofen and acetaminophen and took another day. I did feel better today, so maybe no kidney stone. I did get a ton of play time in on LOTRO.

Thursday activities

I stayed home from work today. Despite having the whole day, I feel like I didn’t get much done. I did a bunch of festival stuff with Aluatis. I guess that’s something. I got a little caught up with Survivor. Mary should be happy. I refilled my prescriptions. That’s definitely a good thing. I went grocery shopping and bought food for the month.

Grocery list

Bag of frozen chicken breasts
pack of fresh chicken breasts
6 bags of frozen vegetables
4 packs of pasta
2 jars of pasta sauce
2 loaves of bread
18 eggs
6 packs of steak
4 boxes of cereal
8 boxes of oatmeal
2 packs of bacon
gallon of milk
olive oil
bunch of bananas
bag of frozen fish filets
peanut butter
low sugar jam/preserves/jelly/whatever

The oatmeal is for work. I get three meals per box, so 24 breakfasts over the next month (3 more than I should need)
The cereal, eggs, and bacon is for breakfasts at home of which there will be 9.

I have 6 steaks and 9 chicken breasts. Add to that the 10 fish filets and that should get me 18-19 dinners. There will be three times this month that I’ll be at a church event or meeting where I’ll get dinner. So my total becomes 21-22. The pasta will get me 12 or so meals. So I should be covered for dinners. I’ll just have to figure out lunches and I’m set for the month.

I might need to buy more vegetables mid-month.

(Sorry to Suzanne that you had to read this twice!)

Tonight I had my ARISE group. It went well. We talked about doing a bible study after this season ends. I’m looking forward to that.

What are the odds?

Holy cow. The synchronicity today is astonishing!

I may have mentioned before that I’ve allowed my blood sugar to get alarmingly and dangerously high. So, in addition to medication and modifying my diet, I’ve been walking during my lunch hours for the past several weeks. Well, within the last 48 hours or so, I decided that I should get a pedometer and start tracking my progress. Hey, this is as close to an exercise program as I’ve gotten in several years! I started looking at some iphone apps to track my speed, distance, etc. and about 2 hours ago, my boss told me about one app that she’s used that’s designed to get someone from zero walking/jogging/running activity to running a 5k in about 9 weeks. 30 minutes ago, I downloaded the app and I’ve decided to try it out.

THEN! I get an email from WordPress announcing a WP WorldWide 5k! I tell you, this must be a sign!

AND! To top it all off, my friend Betty posted to her blog this morning. The name of her blog? Synchronicity.

Sacre bleu!