Christmas Eve

So it’s almost 7pm on Christmas Eve. I leave tomorrow for a visit to Alaska. As ever, with something big pending, I am experiencing general anxiety. I could have spent the money for this trip in many other ways. As soon as I get back. I have to begin moving into a new place that I’m not sure I can afford. I have very little money to spend and I’m not sure how I’m getting to the airport.

What an opportunity to surrender to God.

I hold on to my illusion of control so fiercely but what has that illusion ever got me? I need to learn to let go. Of control; of Letitia. Anybody reading this, please pray for me. Pray that I learn to seek God and trust Him with my life. Thanks.

Why blog?

Why not? I’m inspired by a blog I was rereading from a year ago. It was “I found some of your life” and it was quite funny. This will not be funny. This will be mopey and melancholic. I’ll probably get get bored in a few weeks and never post again. If it takes that long.

I want to say that I really miss living with Letitia. There were things about it that sucked but it provided a lot of security. I’m very unsettled these days. I keep wondering when I’ll get back to feeling alright. (Nod to Joe Cocker.) That’s us on the right. Letitia, I miss you. I miss us.

Enough for today? Yeah, I think so.