January, part 1

I drove down to southern California a couple times this month. The first time was for the family Christmas get-together. Almost everyone who might possibly be there was. It was pretty cool. Check here and here for pictures.

The second time was for a Studio Photography Lighting Workshop. This turned out to be a disappointment. The instructor knew his stuff but wasn’t too good at teaching it. An outline would help this guys presentation immensely. Despite the downside, I’m glad I went. If I hadn’t, I’d still be thinking I should have. But now I know I do not need to attend any more from this guy.

On both trips, I was unpleasantly reminded of one of my biggest pet peeves, drivers who like to cruise in the fast lane. For the love of God people! Doesn’t ‘Slow Traffic Keep Right’ mean anything to you? This kind of thing really pushes me toward road rage. If I had another person in the car to keep company, I might be less sensitive to the bad driving of others. But as it is…