Status update

Well, in the month and a half since I last posted I finally got a call to interview for a job I’d applied for back in July. I didn’t get the job. It’s actually the second time I applied for this position. The first time was back in 2002. Then, the person they hired turned out to have the surliest disposition I’ve ever run across. Regardless of his qualifications, his unfriendly attitude made him unsuitable for the job, imho. I don’t know who they hired this time but I can only hope that he/she is more approachable. One funny thing that happened after I failed to get the job was that Cherrie, a woman who was on the hiring committee the first time I’d applied told me that she was sorry I didn’t get the job (this time), that she wished she’d been on the hiring committee. Well, I happen to know that she didn’t vote for me the first time around so her expressions of regret sounded rather hollow to me.

So I am stuck at this job that I pretty much hate. I can’t seem to get ahead in my financial situation. I owe everybody something. What happens when I need to pay for car maintenance? I clearly wasn’t meant to be economically comfortable. I guess there are lots of people who have it worse than me. I should shut up and count my blessings, eh?

We still have a problem with lack of communication at St. Stanislaus. We are starved for information and the parish seems content to let us go hungry. I am responsible for two Masses each weekend and it looks like I will be providing music at a third Mass which in practical terms means I am there for four Masses. Who’d have thought I would turn out to have such an overdeveloped sense of responsibility?
And it looks like I need a new guitar. But, of course, I can’t afford one. My old one is about to break so soon enough, I will not have a choice. I will have to buy one. *sigh*