Mass Review

I’m at the Knights of Columbus State Convention in San Jose. This morning we had the opening Mass. I thought I’d review the music (provided by a choir from Our Lady of Peace Church in Santa Clara).

Selections: B+
Execution: C
Sound: C

Selections were good overall, but there were some notable exceptions*.

You Are Mine
Shepherd Me, Oh God
*Celtic Alleluia (in G. A is the original (& better) key.)
We Remember
*Mass of Creation (Mem Acc A is not the best choice but is the most well known.)
The Summons
I Am the Bread of Life
*Panis Angelicus (Not well known so not a great choice for Communion.)
**Ave Maria (Not liturgically appropriate.)
Canticle of the Sun

Group was a piano & 10 voices. There were ok but not especially skilled. They often didn’t use the written intros & outros for songs. The soloists were warbley. The Lamb of God was confused & only 3 verses were sung, all ‘Lamb of God’.
Panis Angelicus & Ave Maria began at the end of, or after, the Communion procession. Really, one Communion song would have been sufficient if repeated with interlude. Communion song(s) began about 45 seconds late.

Sound problems persisted throughout the Mass, though they did subside a little. Problems included feedback and being too loud/too soft.
There were a pair of sound guys but I’m not sure how skilled they were.

Overall, I give it a C+/B-. But I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and call it a B-.

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