This is a pretty bleak time at MJC. Lots of layoffs are expected. Departments are likely to be cut. There’s quite an uproar under weigh. I plan to post about it some, but I’d like to wait until things are a little more definite.

I decided to experiment with food tonight. I’ve made banana pancakes several times and I wanted to try making strawberry-banana pancakes. But I also had some blueberries. So I tried mixing them all together.


I now realize that the blueberries were a bit of a mistake. I cooked them up and they were ok, but I should have blended the blueberries as well. Next time.

Oscar Sunday

Tonight was the 83rd Academy Awards.

There weren’t any big surprises. The hosts were ok, but not great. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to see all the nominated movies over the past few months. My final count was 44 out the 56 movies nominated. Not bad. But it didn’t help much when it came to guessing the winners in each category. I only correctly guessed 9 out of 24. My coworker, Ruth, having seen only 10 or so of the nominees, got 11 correct. Part of my problem is that, yes, I could have selected the movie I expected to win, but I went more with the choice that I felt should win. Clearly the Academy and I do not see eye to eye. That’s ok. Everyone is entitled to be wrong; even the Academy.

Salsa Fest, Week 2 roundup

Salsa fest has come to an end; but it shall not soon be forgotten!

Here are my observations about week 2.

Again, I will use the following scale to rate the overall awesomeness of each salsa: 7 will be the lowest score. It represents a dismal state of suckitude analogous to how uplifted one is likely to feel after seeing Biutiful. 42 will be the top score. It is also the number on the football jersey that my friend Tim sent me for my birthday. A score of 42 is a theoretical score, unlikely to be found in nature. This grader tends not to give perfect scores as I feel it leaves no room for something better. So an average score would fall in the 23 – 28 range, while a score upwards of 33 indicates great approval.

Tuesday – Vicki’s Cowboy Caviar. This was a big hit in the office and the only reason that the bowl wasn’t emptied by 1:00, is that Community Ed had counter-scheduled a mexican food themed lunch for this day. Nevertheless, rave reviews. 37.

Wednesday – Dorinda’s Salsa con Queso. Definately one of my favorite things into which to dip a chip. Dorinda even spiced it up with some extra seasonings. This is a way that I would eat my chips at home so this offering benefits from comfort and familiarity. 35.

Thursday – Angie brought in a Watermelon Salsa that impressed everyone. And there was a food pairing! She also brought in lime flavored chips for the dipping. Now I’m not a fan of the lime chips, but the combination of flavors really worked! Angie had everyone asking for the recipe. 36.

Friday – Sadly, I was not present on Friday to sample Vicki V’s salsa & cream cheese combo. It must therefore remain unscored.

So there you have it. A successful salsa run. I’m not sure what we might attempt next along similar lines, but I do believe there is interest in doing something.

All good things…

Salsa Fest, day 8.

We come to the end of our salsa festivities.
Here we have a tasty red salsa over cream cheese, supplied by Vicki V. and captured photographically by Dorinda.


Like Gallagher, but not as messy

Salsa Fest, day 7.

For our penultimate salsa, Angie brought in a Watermelon Salsa.

Quel fromage encore!

Salsa Fest, day 6.

Today we return to the culinary delight which inspired Salsa Fest, Salsa con Queso.
Thanks Dorinda!

Salsa fest resumes, pardner!

Today begins Week 2 of Salsa Fest.

Today’s selection brought to us by Vicki G.
Remember, when you’re looking for a fresh, high quality Cowboy Caviar, call Vicki G.!


This morning, when I checked Facebook, I saw that there was an event to which I had been invited that would be taking place this very morning. It had been organized to protest possible cuts to the Arts Program(s) at MJC.

Here is the message that accompanied the event invite:

Funeral for the Arts
Time: Tuesday, February 22 · 9:00am – 9:30am
Location: MJC Morris Building

We are having a sit-in, of sorts, at the Morris Building (across the quad from the Student Center). The second floor has President Lowenstein’s office, so that is where we make our stand. We plan to make a mock funeral, mourning the loss of the Arts at MJC, as if they are already gone. We plan to have a few speakers to even read eulogies.

…Here is the general game plan:

We wait until 9 o’clock and then go straight to the Morris building, in a “flash mob” sort of style. We will one-by-one give our printed emails to the President or his secretary (hell, leave them at the door if we must) until all of us have given them our copies.

Afterwards, we sit in the courtyard, the balconies, the hallways, however we can, to fit however many people we have. From there our speakers will give their regards to the arts. Once done, we disperse.

This should be a very brief movement (half an hour?), but it will definitely make our message clear.

Here are the guidelines to follow (no exceptions):

* This is a silent protest. We do not speak (save the speakers). We walk in, deliver our notes, and mourn. If confronted by Lowenstein, security, or faculty, we do not speak.

*We do not carry signs or wear anything with a message. Our silence will do all the talking.

*Media will most likely be present. Please conduct yourselves appropriately. We wish to show that we are professionals and that cutting the funding to the Arts destroys our chances of continuing our professions. Keep in mind, that you will be on regional news (KCRA, Good Day Sacramento, etc.). We will be seen by LOTS of people.

* The last note still in mind, do not deal with any reporters. We have people appointed to speak to them and deal with them. Focus on the protest and don’t let them interfere.

* To better our chances of not being removed by security, while we may be taking up a lot of space, we do NOT obstruct people. Anyone leaving or entering the building may do so and you MUST let them. Even if Lowenstein chooses to walk on out, we let him.

*If security does remove us, we go out to the Quad and continue with our eulogies. We do not resist or put up a fight. STAY SILENT and respectful.

* Also, we plan to move in quickly and leave quickly. Do not show up early, do not loiter around. Get in, do our thing, get out.

And lastly what to wear/bring:

* If you have formal attire (black funeral attire; keep the blue prom tux at home), wear it. Ladies (and gentlemen), dress modestly. Pretend this is one of your grandparents funerals.

*If you do not have such attire, wear black. All black. T-shirts (with no logos) and dark jeans will suffice if that is your absolute best.

*No signs or writing on shirts. We are not picketing at the Capital (yet). So save your catchy slogans for another time.

*Please, PLEASE bring a printed copy of your email. We will give these to Lowenstein. If, you have not written one, do so now. If you have one and don’t bring it… you’re useless.

*If you so choose, you may bring flowers to accompany your email. Give your regards.

*If you have any questions please message me and I will respond as soon as possible.


How exciting! In my building even!

So I wasn’t sure if many, if any, students would carry through with this plan, but I was hopeful. As it turned out, there were a few dozen students there, mostly dressed in black, wearing red gags (not sure what the meaning of that was). Security was on hand and Dr. Lowenstein met the protestors on the ground floor. He accepted their papers, spoke to them about where we are in terms of the budget, thanked them for their commitment to the arts, and invited them to come talk with him further.

The students moved into the center courtyard and a couple of them spoke to the assemblage.

Not sure what they accomplished, but I love that they were organized and respectful. I think they were somewhat misguided and narrow-minded in their message but I love that they are trying to do something. Now if we could harness and channel their passion, we’d be in pretty good shape!

Things are gonna be much better if you only will

Topic #53
How long do you think you could go without a shower?

Interestingly enough, I was just discussing last week the length of time I am able to go without a shower. I have had several extra days off over the past couple of months. On some of those days, I’ve managed to sleep in until 10 AM or later. Having nothing really to do on many of these days, I’ve tried to see if I can just skip a shower. At best I’ve made it until about 7 PM and then I just can’t stand it anymore, I have to shower. I HATE feeling gross and sticky! Perhaps if my hair was a lot shorter, I could power though until I went to bed again, but as it is, no way.

Did you know: The modern domestic shower was invented in the early 1800s (via wikipedia). For hundreds of years before that, in most of the world, people went their entire lives without ever taking a shower (and even today some of your coworkers probably still don’t shower enough).

You can’t take the sky from me

Firefly was one of my favorite television shows. I am forever upset with Fox for cancelling this show. To this day, I refuse to begin watching new shows on Fox because I have no faith that this idiot network will give the show time to find an audience. If a new show makes it past the first year, I’ll consider watching it on dvd or Netflix.

Here’s some recent news about Firefly.

Browncoats rejoice: Firefly is returning to basic cable — and Nathan Fillion has something to say about it.

The Science Channel has acquired the rights to the cult-hit and will air the series in its short-lived entirety, plus some new extras. Science Channel will wrap each episode with interstitial segments starring renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, who will discuss the theoretical science behind the show’s sci-fi concepts

Read the full story:
‘Firefly’ returning to cable; Fillion says he’d play Mal again — EXCLUSIVE | Inside TV |

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