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If I had a million dollars…

Topic #50
What would you do with a million dollars, tax free?

Feeling secure is a big concern of mine. But I spend money like crazy! How do those things fit together??

Anyway, if I had money, I’d move out of California, purchase a home, go to school full time, I would buy you some art (a Picasso or a Garfunkle), hire a pesonal assistant to help me get my life in order, travel, and pursue hobbies.
Also, I’d try to set it up so that the money was used to make more money so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my material needs again.

Geez, this stuff is easy.

Comment dit-on, l’anecdote?

I studied French for several years starting in grade 7. During my first full year of French (grade 8), I was in French club with several of my friends, Clint, Bill, Sam, Lisette, and others. I have a couple of special memories of those days.

  1. There was a passage from our textbook or something that said (paraphrasing), “Carol intended to say, ‘Quel dommage!’, which means, ‘That’s too bad!’ (‘What a pity!’) But instead she said, ‘Quel fromage!’, which means, ‘That’s cheese!'”
    For whatever reason, this has always amused me and I think of it every time cheese becomes the topic of conversation.
  2. My friend, Bill (Guillaume), and I wrote and were performing a little skit. For some parts, we were using words and phrases that we really hadn’t learned yet. We wanted to say, “My wife left me.” but we didn’t know the verb, to leave, so we looked up in our French-English dictionary how to say “left”. So the line I delivered was, “Ma femme a gauche moi.” Our teacher, Mrs. Egenberger just started laughing and laughing.
    Sometimes I still say, “Ma femme a gauche moi”, and of course, nobody knows what I’m talking about.

Salsa Fest Week 1 roundup

In my opinion, humble or otherwise, I think that all the salsas have been quite good (enough). I’m really rather pleased with how this is all turning out!

I will use the following scale to rate the overall awesomeness of each salsa: 7 will be the lowest score. It represents a dismal state of suckitude analogous to how uplifted one is likely to feel after seeing Biutiful. 42 will be the top score. It is also the number on the football jersey that my friend Tim sent me for my birthday. A score of 42 is a theoretical score, unlikely to be found in nature. This grader tends not to give perfect scores as I feel it leaves no room for something better. So an average score would fall in the 23 – 28 range, while a score upwards of 33 indicates great approval.

Monday – Pat’s green salsa. I liked it well enough. I’m not a big green salsa fan, but this gets extra points for going first. Also, it had a sweet sort of flavor. Which was nice. 30

Tuesday – My cabbage salsa. I was pretty disappointed in how this turned out. It was better than my first attempt, and really, it was fine. But it wasn’t what I was shooting for. High hopes + thwarted expectations yield a score of 28.

Wednesday – Amy’s Texas caviar. I liked this a lot, and so did the rest of the office. The bowl of salsa went very quickly! I think this could easily be a side dish for a meal and never mind the chips. 37

Thursday – Kelly’s cream cheese and red salsa. How can you go wrong? But this gets bonus points for having whipped cream cheese and three temperatures of salsa! 35

Four more offerings next week!

Cream of the Crop!

Salsa Fest continues!

Today we have cream cheese and three temperatures of red salsa, thanks to Kelly!


Day 3 of Salsa Fest!

Today, Amy brought in Texas Caviar

Brassica oleracea Linne

Today is Day 2 of Salsa Fest.

Today, I brought in a cabbage salsa.

Salsa Fest begins!

Today is Day 1 of Salsa Fest.

Today’s salsa (Green Salsa) is provided by Pat.

Weekend’s end

Well let’s see. I watched the Animated Shorts that are in contention for an Oscar this year. Mostly, I didn’t much care for them. The two I liked best are Let’s Polute and The Gruffalo. I also finished Gasland, one of the films up for Best Documentary. This movie had one basic point, Hydraulic Fracturing is damaging the environment and contaminating ground water. The thing is, what I just told you in 3 seconds, this movie drew out into about 145 minutes. Ok, sure, you need to support the claim. Fine, make it a 15 minute movie and call it done.

I did a bit of catching up on all the TV I’ve been recording. I watched a couple episodes of Blue Bloods, as well as an episode each of: V, The Good Wife, Merlin, CSI:NY, CSI, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Castle, The Cape, Modern Family, Being Human, and Smallville. My TiVO is down below 50% on it’s storage level again. I need to work harder to keep it low.

Played a little LOTRO, but my computer is showing it’s age. Tried to participate in the Dar Narbugud raid again on Saturday evening. I was quite laggy and not far into the raid, my computer locked up and I had to restart. I guess a new computer needs to be at the top of the list of what to buy once I have some money to spend. Plenty of people to pay back first, starting with my dad.

I used my George Foreman Grill and my rice cooker a couple times. I grilled a chicken breast and some steak. I need to get creative with rice though. Any suggestions on what I can add to regular white rice to make it more interesting??


Salsa Fest begins tomorrow. Who’s excited??



A Vanity Project

Daily Mugshot

Here is an example of something I try to do everyday, much like posting to this blog.
You can see that I can’t settle on 1 (or 2 or 5) style of facial hair.
Also, my webcam and lighting suck.

What a lovely outfit, Your Imperial Majesty

Saw Another Year tonight. It didn’t suck. There were a couple of chuckles.

Here’s my problem. I just do not understand why some of these movies, actors, etc. are getting nominated. I am coming to believe that the Academy is hopelessly out of touch with normal people. By what standard exactly are these selections being made? In category after category there are nominees that are missing and/or I don’t understand why they are there. What is it that the nominators see, and why can’t I see it?

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