Just another manic Monday

My salsa wasn’t really any better after chilling for a day. Ah well. I’ll use more tomatoes next time. And leave out the onion and garlic. I’ll use less cilantro too. I hate wasting food. 🙁 So I’m going to knuckle down and finish off this batch. It’s not terrible, just not good.

I only work the equivalent of 11 months per year. My office is kind enough to let me spread out my month off over the entire year. So I take off 14.5 hours each month. This month that means that I’ll take this Friday off and the 25th as well. Add to that the fact that President’s Weekend is 4 days, and I’m looking forward to some extra LOTRO and TV time. And it’s a good thing cause I’m falling way behind on both those things.

Biutiful tomorrow night and Harry Potter 7.1 on Wednesday.

Finished that steaming pile of crap called Dogtooth tonight. Blech!



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