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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » Roberto Benigni was wrong

Roberto Benigni was wrong

I am now convinced that I shouldn’t watch any more foreign films.
Yep, I’m embracing my American-ness. Foreign films are just too…. foreign.

Watched Biutiful tonight.

Cancer. Sucks.
Mental illness. Sucks.
The human condition. Sucks.
Life. Sucks.

Javier Bardem did a good job. But it’s just so hard to relate to such a foreign story. By the end of the movie, I was actually feeling sick to my stomach, this movie was so depressing.

If there’s one thing I can take from the movie, it is this: Suck it up, Sean. Your life could be SO. MUCH. WORSE!


So, sorry to be the sterotypical Ugly American. Sorry I’m not one of the cultural elite who probably LOVE this movie. Sorry that, after seeing this movie and a few others lately, I’m desperate for a ‘feel good’ movie.


28/56. The Challenge begins to take it’s toll.


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  • Rizza says:

    Some of my best friends are “filmies” (or whatever you call those people who make those artsy films no one will/should ever see). We have an agreement: I only see films where things go boom. I only see films with HUGE budgets and someone in them whose name I recognize. The only exceptions: Run Lola Run and Amelie. I have been too disturbed for too long trying to watch their idea of “art.” Films should make you smile and inspire you (or at least entertain you). And I’m not American, so you can’t use that excuse. Just say “normal.” I am an “normal” person who doesn’t think make-believe should emotionally or mentally disturb me for 2 hours and $10 I will never get back.

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