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Things are gonna be much better if you only will

Topic #53
How long do you think you could go without a shower?

Interestingly enough, I was just discussing last week the length of time I am able to go without a shower. I have had several extra days off over the past couple of months. On some of those days, I’ve managed to sleep in until 10 AM or later. Having nothing really to do on many of these days, I’ve tried to see if I can just skip a shower. At best I’ve made it until about 7 PM and then I just can’t stand it anymore, I have to shower. I HATE feeling gross and sticky! Perhaps if my hair was a lot shorter, I could power though until I went to bed again, but as it is, no way.

Did you know: The modern domestic shower was invented in the early 1800s (via wikipedia). For hundreds of years before that, in most of the world, people went their entire lives without ever taking a shower (and even today some of your coworkers probably still don’t shower enough).


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  • Dorinda says:


    That’s a funny blog post. I once played a game – Would You Rather – my question was “would I rather go a week without a shower or go a week with a shower, but wearing the exact same clothes?”. Hands down, I would rather wear the exact same clothes. I can’t go a whole day without a shower. I’ve tried, like you on one of my days off. I just can’t do it.

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