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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » Salsa Fest, Week 2 roundup

Salsa Fest, Week 2 roundup

Salsa fest has come to an end; but it shall not soon be forgotten!

Here are my observations about week 2.

Again, I will use the following scale to rate the overall awesomeness of each salsa: 7 will be the lowest score. It represents a dismal state of suckitude analogous to how uplifted one is likely to feel after seeing Biutiful. 42 will be the top score. It is also the number on the football jersey that my friend Tim sent me for my birthday. A score of 42 is a theoretical score, unlikely to be found in nature. This grader tends not to give perfect scores as I feel it leaves no room for something better. So an average score would fall in the 23 – 28 range, while a score upwards of 33 indicates great approval.

Tuesday – Vicki’s Cowboy Caviar. This was a big hit in the office and the only reason that the bowl wasn’t emptied by 1:00, is that Community Ed had counter-scheduled a mexican food themed lunch for this day. Nevertheless, rave reviews. 37.

Wednesday – Dorinda’s Salsa con Queso. Definately one of my favorite things into which to dip a chip. Dorinda even spiced it up with some extra seasonings. This is a way that I would eat my chips at home so this offering benefits from comfort and familiarity. 35.

Thursday – Angie brought in a Watermelon Salsa that impressed everyone. And there was a food pairing! She also brought in lime flavored chips for the dipping. Now I’m not a fan of the lime chips, but the combination of flavors really worked! Angie had everyone asking for the recipe. 36.

Friday – Sadly, I was not present on Friday to sample Vicki V’s salsa & cream cheese combo. It must therefore remain unscored.

So there you have it. A successful salsa run. I’m not sure what we might attempt next along similar lines, but I do believe there is interest in doing something.


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