This week’s swirl of activity

Well, I have purchased my camera. I ordered it on Tuesday morning and I picked it up from UPS on Wednesday. I love it. I am taking lots of pictures and one of these days, I’ll take a good one. I’m in the mode where I don’t want to go anywhere without it so I can always take a shot at a moment’s notice. I guess I’ll get over at some point.
Anyway, it’s nice to put pictures up on my flickr page that I’ve actually taken. Before this week, I think all the photos there were taken by other people.

I also purchased a doumbek and a couple pairs of bones from Lark in the Morning. But I haven’t received those yet. Maybe when I get home…
I will be using the doumbek for the MJC Community Orchestra performance on November 20 at the Gallo Center. You’re all invited but it may be sold out already.

I applied for admission to Stanislaus State for the spring. I have to take one lower division class then 30 units of upper division work. I think I can be done in the spring of 2010. Maybe fall of 2009. We shall see. I guess I will go for a teaching credential after that.

Today I applied for a job at Los Rios Community College District in Sacramento. It was a spur of the moment thing and I don’t think my chances are very good, but nothing ventured….

And now, because I know you’re waiting for it, I will tell you my plans for the weekend.

Tonight, I will be meeting with some folks to discuss the music they want for a wedding on the 17th. Yeah, this isn’t very far ahead of time, but I was just asked to play the week before last. After my meeting, I will head home to get in some LOTRO time.

Tomorrow, I will be going on a nature walk along Dry Creek. This is something organized by the La Loma Neighborhood Association. For me, it will do 3 things. First, it will get me out of the house and walking around a bit. Exercise is good, right? Second, it will give me an opportunity to use my camera. Even though I’m not into nature photography, right now, I’ll take pictures of anything. And third, I may get to meet some neighbors.
In the afternoon, I hope to watch an episode of Survivor with Mary.
Then, in the evening, I will be going to P. Wexford’s for the monthly Irish sessuin. Several of my classmates are supposed to attend as well, so that should be fun.

Sunday, I only have one Mass, the 8:30. I’ve asked my former roommate’s step-father, Bob if he and his wife, Judy would like to go out to breakfast following Mass. I will find out Sunday if the answer is yes. In the afternoon, I will be attending the Journey in Christianity Fourth Day. More opportunity to see people and to take photographs!!
Maybe, just maybe, Mary and I will get to watch another episode of Survivor that evening.

Somehow, I still manage to be busy on the weekends…

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