Weekend recap in brief

Let me just say that it was quite nice to have the extra day off work yesterday. The weekend was, on the whole, good. On Sunday, I attended a Veteran’s Day event at the Gallo Center. It really is a very nice place. I took several photos that I rather liked. Of course, I then promptly accidentally deleted them. Ah well.

The planned day of LOTRO that was to happen yesterday didn’t come together as I’d hoped. Suzanne, Danny, and I did some playing in the morning but Lance was nowhere to be found. Suzanne had to stop playing in the early afternoon to take her son to a doctor’s appointment, so Danny and I continued play with just the two of us. Mid-afternoon, Lance finally rouses himself from bed and is available to play. So now all we’re waiting for is Suzanne to come back. But that never happened. We cut her some slack, of course. She has a husband and two kids; one of which is a newborn. Lance, however, has fewer excuses.

But in spite of not being able to work on the specific tasks that I’d wanted to, there was a silver lining. Danny and I both hit level 38, and I made enough money to purchase my horse.

The MJC Community Orchestra has its dress rehearsal tonight. Then we have our performance next week. I took my tux to the dry-cleaners today. Modesto High instead of the Gallo Center. I expect you all to make the effort to be there!

Tomorrow, I have a Knights of Columbus thing in Escalon. Shouldn’t go late but it comes smack dab in the middle of the evening.

Thursday and Friday evenings I have music practice for the Thanksgiving Day Mass. It’s good to practice, but sometimes, I resent how much time it can take. I guess I’m not a real musician.

On Saturday, I am playing for a wedding. I still don’t know what I’m going to do for the psalm nor for the bride’s procession. I have to find something that will sound triumphant and interesting and all I have to work with is the chord progression. This will not be fun.
But, I do not have the evening Mass on Saturday so that frees up some time.

My dad’s birthday is on Sunday so I plan to call him in the afternoon.
Speaking of my dad; I have been, for several months, planning on traveling to Anchorage for Christmas. Goodness, gracious! but the prices have gone up significantly since I last made this trip. I sure hope that as the date draws nearer, there will be some last minute deals.

The Amazing Race remains difficult to watch. I get really agitated when the teams are stressed out and yelling at each other. The team to go was one that I wasn’t rooting for so that part was ok.

The Big Bang Theory has gotten a bit better. There were several moments that made me laugh last night.

Heroes last night was really good. Great scenes of Nathan and Peter flying and many questions were answered about what’s been going on for the past four months.

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