Adam’s punishment

I am really unhappy at my job right now. Maybe I’ll have the energy to go into all the details of my dissatisfaction at some point, but not today. One factor I will mention is that the college has recently undergone a reclassification study. This is necessary every five years or so to make sure that the jobs we are doing are accurately reflected in our titles and job descriptions. There are many people who’ve been told that the job they are doing is worth more than they are currently being paid. They are the winners in this reclass lottery. I, on the other hand, have been informed that I am being paid too much for the job I do. That’s a pick-me-up.

At the same time, I am ruled by inertia. When do I ever do anything until I have to? So I may just burrow deeper into the pile of excrement that is my job and ride it out. I highly value putting in one’s time and this seems to dovetail nicely with that attitude.


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