It is deathly hot here in Modesto. Yesterday had a high of 109 and today is forecast to get up to 112.

Every year during this open house to hell, I start thinking of moving out of the Central Valley. And so it is that I am looking at options for a cooler clime.

For years, I’ve dreamed of moving to Vancouver, BC. But as I was thinking about it today, I realized that this is too big a hurdle to jump. As I’ve mentioned before, I am entrenched in my inertia. The very idea of moving is contrary to my nature. The idea of moving to another country… well, unless I work up to that sort of thing, it will never be more than an idea.

So then I was thinking, Seattle. Lots going for it. A friend of mine lives in Portland and she suggested that I would enjoy living there. So now I am looking into the idea of Portland. It may be that this will never be more than an exercise in imagination. To be a reality, I would need to secure a job and housing before I went up there.

How to do that from here?


  • Ruben says:

    Sean,I too have thought about Seattle or Portland as a life option. I love rain, coffee, a good sense of culture and large cities. But, I need to get my liver transplant done first and allow my girls a bit more time to grow up with me near. That is why I moved here to Modesto, to be closer to them. I had no clue that I would become “Motown Mojo” and have my face in the newspaper every Friday. I would really miss this place, but we all have to move forward sometime. We could do it together! Do you live alone like me? We could save enough cash for a few months rent on a nice small home or apt. and look for jobs. Oh how I love to dream! Take care my friend!

  • Undercover says:

    Hey Sean and (commenter) Ruben, Right now I’m a bit jealous of your 100+ degree weather. It’s August in Portland Or, and I’m sitting outside wearing a fleece and long pants. I went to law school at UC Davis and lived both there and in Sac. I tell you, I miss the continual days of pure blue, sunny skies. Those summers were sure beastly hot, but man, the sunshine was sure nice. We do have awesome coffee, bookstores, and micro brews up here though. And the doctors pass out Paxil like candy in the winter time. Sean, in case you’re wondering where this weirdo came from who is commenting on your blog, I bumped into one of your comments on Twitter. Best,-Curt K

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