You will recall that I posted not too long ago about my friend, Alyssa. Alyssa had moved away and the connection that I had with her was severed. Over the past 18 months, there have been a few emails and text messages, and she has called me once. But these are not enough to sustain or grow a friendship. I have no doubt that she remained fond of me in the same way that I still have great affection for her. But our lives were now on different tracks.

Well, yesterday I found out via the Board of Trustees Agenda that she would be returning to the college as a short term contract employee. What great news! I sent her a text message letting her know that I had learned of this. Right away she called to shed some additional light on the situation. It’s only temporary but while she is back working for the college, she will be living back in Modesto. It’s tough managing expectations, but I am giving it a go. I would love to resume the same relationship we had, but what might the past year and a half have done to it? And is it really the best thing to go back? It’s probably better to be thinking of how to move forward. In any case, I shall try to make the most of the situation. I’ve missed my friend.

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