Dedication update

So here’s the current sitrep for the Dedication Mass. The Dedication Committee has selected a Music Director for the Mass. It’s Mike Joyce who used to be the director at the cathedral in Stockton. He’s a nice guy; I’ve sung with him before. He now works in the Oakland Diocese. Anyway, several of the parish musicians met with him last Saturday to talk about plans for the music. I was really impressed with the meeting. Mike made it clear that this was our celebration; that we knew our people (those who might be considered for participation) and what songs parishioners knew. So we settled on the songs for the Mass. Here is the list:
Gathering: Gather Us In, Somos El Cuerpo de Cristo, Que Allegria – PS 122 (FyC – #262)
Sprinkling: Agua de Vida/Water of Life – FyC #262 (bilingual)
Gloria: Mass of Creation
Psalm: Psalm 18/19 – FyC #177 (bilingual)
Gospel Acc: Celtic Alleluia (verse to be determined)
Litany of the Saints: Becker setting
Deposition of Relics: IF NEEDED – “Saints of God” – Bob Hurd #450 in acc. Book.
Anointing of the Altar and the Walls of the Church:
“How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place” – #84 in Acc. Edition
Incensation of the Altar and the Church:
Psalm 138 – David Haas – Gather Comp #84 – 1st Refrain
Lighting of the Altar and the Church:
Psalm 26/27 – The Lord Is My Light – FyC #190 (bilingual)
Presentation of the Gifts:
(Combined Spanish Groups to Present Gift Presentation Selection)
Eucharistic Acclamations:
Misa del Pueblo Inmigrante – Acclamation “C” “Por Tu Cruz”
Litany during the Breaking of the Bread:
Communion: Amen, El Cuerpo de Cristo, Ven Al Banquette, Pescador de Hombres
Closing Song: Holy God, We Praise Thy Name – Official Closing, Santa Maria del Camino (Music Ministry Only, Go, Make A Diff’rence – (Music Ministry Only)

We also made some choices/recommendations about musicians. Unfortunately, the decision has been made that only so many people can be involved with doing music that day, so we had to make a list of people to ask to be a part of the group. There are 6 groups/choirs for the Spanish Masses and 3 for the English Masses. This adds up to about 75 people. We were told to keep it to 30 singers + instruments.
So that part of the process is ongoing. People are being asked if they’d like to participate, steadily we are getting the list finalized. It needs to be settled on pretty soon because the Dedication is in 4 weeks!

In other Mass news, the choir has decided to take the month of January off. What incredibly poor timing! So in addition to the 3 Masses I usually do on the weekends, I’ve stepped in to do the 10:00 AM this month. And then, last week, John who plays at the 7 AM Mass called on Saturday to let me know that he was ill. So I ended up doing that Mass too for a total of 5 Masses last weekend. Yikes! More than ever I cannot wait until the new Mass schedule is in effect. I will let you know what that will be when I find out myself.

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