My good weekend – Part I

This was quite a good weekend! Let’s run it down.

Friday started with me assisting as a sacristan at a funeral. I know this will sound strange, but I like serving at funerals. Not because of the grief or what have you, but because I feel like I’m really providing a service at a time of real need. Hard to explain maybe. Anyway, I prepared the materials beforehand, served as an altar server during the Mass, proclaimed the first reading, and helped distribute Communion. I joked with the office staff that the next time, they’d have me preaching!

Then, in the afternoon, I went over to Rob’s place and played Dark Heresy with the gang. The adventure that day was very theatrical/cinematic and fun! My character did a decent job in combat, but I made a few bad rolls which nearly led to the demise of my Guardsman. Looking forward to the next session!

On Saturday, I went down to Big Valley Grace church for the Love Modesto event. Everyone met in the Worship Center to kick the day off, and I met up with my good friend Sonya. She and I went out to work at the Habitat for Humanity site. Met some nice people, broke up some concrete, had a great lunch.

In the late afternoon, I went back down to BVG for the evening service. It was my first time helping with audio/lighting tech for the regular services and I really liked it!! I ran the lights this time. At the service, I saw my ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend. I surprise myself a little by realizing that I really am over her, in the sense that I am NOT interested in dating her at all anymore and wouldn’t want her back. Granted, it still hurts, the way she treated me; I don’t think she was very honest with me. And, she still owes me $100 that she borrowed from me at the end of January.

So anyway, after the service, I’m driving over to my favorite frozen yogurt place, when I notice that she’s in the car behind me. She’s going to the same place. Now, she’s essentially been ignoring/avoiding me for the last couple of months so I think to myself, “This could be interesting.” I park my car and walk directly to the shop. She’s parked off to my left, 15 yards away with two rows of cars between us. As I’m walking up, her boyfriend and his kids(?) get out of a car right in front of me. I deliberately didn’t look her way as I walked up (I wasn’t looking to cause a scene or anything. If she wants to avoid me, I’m not going to try to force her to be a grown-up) so I only imagine that she must have made some motion to him to come her way. She certainly didn’t say anything out loud; I’m guessing so as to avoid drawing my attention. Anyway, he sort of stops and then starts moving her way. Ok, so I enter the shop, which was bustling, and go about getting my yogurt together. As I’m doing so, I can look out and survey the scene in the parking lot. Again, in my imagination, they’re having a confab about what to do.

My imagined dialogue goes something like this:

Her: Wait, maybe we should change our plans. My ex just walked in there.
Him: What’s the worst that could happen? Let’s just go in.

So they head for the entrance. I can see all of this from inside, but because of tinted windows, those outside can’t see in as well. As they enter, I’m at the cashier. I gather up my purchase and I’m leaving, but, if it’s obvious that we’re in the same place at the same time, I want to be nice and say hello. (I guess this is sort of in opposition to what I’d said before but I’m a complicated guy.) So, bag in hand, I reach the door and go to back out of it, opening it with my derriere. I was giving the room a quick scan so that if I saw her, I could walk up and smile, say hello, how are you, good to see you, have a good evening. Here’s the funny part (to me), she’s nowhere to be seen. She’s hiding in the bathroom or behind a wall or something. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I feel quite wicked deriving amusement from this, but it is what it is.

Next up: Sunday and the end to the weekend.


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