For Rachel

For some reason, several frozen yogurt shops have sprung up in the greater Modesto area over the last several months/years. I’m not complaining, but I am at a loss as to why this has happened all the sudden. For years and years, we’ve had TCBY and the Yogurt Mill. But all of the sudden, we have LA Cultures, Yogofina, Yogolicious, Oodles, and probably some I don’t even know about!

I’ve tried all the ones listed here and I have no complaint about any of them. I do have a preference for the places where you create your own serving and pay by the ounce. So of all the places listed here, I like Oodles the best. Not for any particular reason apart from it is the self-serve type and it happened to be ‘on my route’. I like that there are lots of fresh fruits to choose from for my toppings and I typically go for a vanilla or banana flavor yogurt with lots of fruit.

However, there is one flavor that I will not pass up. That is the Irish Mint. I’m a sucker for mint. I get this flavor with chocolate chips, Andes Mint topping, or both. Love it, love it, love it!!

The heat of the summer is gone and we’re headed toward fall and winter. I hope that Oodles and the other froyo shops can make it through the colder time of year so that they are all thriving next summer. I know I’ll do my part. Will you? Yes, I’m talking to you Rachel! When are you coming down to help support my froyo habit??!!?! Make it so!


  • Rachel says:

    *tear* What an honor! A whole blog post just for me! And they say whining gets you nowhere in life…

  • Betay says:

    Seán, I struggle to understand why this is a question for you. With all of your four-squaring and checking into FroYo places, Modesto obviously thought it needed a few more establishments to meet the ever-growing need. You skewed somebody's research numbers, my friend.

  • Curse my influential nature!

  • imdibiji says:

    I ate a whole package of Andes Thin Mints once. Ohhhoho, were they delicious! I did suffer some post-binge nausea, and while I know better than to eat them all, I still eat them one at a time, or in small groups. The ending was not so happy after I ate the bedding of fried batter crumbs that Long John Silver’s would put in the fish dinner boxes. I suppose they did this to protect their precious fried filet’s in transit to one’s house. They must have thought them fragile, though, because must have been more than a cups worth in there. It was years before I could even smell LJS fried fish without heaving a little.

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