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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » With freedom and ease, combating ignorance, dust, and disease

With freedom and ease, combating ignorance, dust, and disease

Ok, finally getting back to thoughts on Archbishop Tutu’s speech.

After the speech, I went over to a reception in the Student Center. We had been told in a variety of ways that the Archbishop would not be present at the reception. Fine. Sadly, the reception was very dull and boring. There was some food but I did not partake. After being there 30-40 minutes, I took off.

I found out later that night that there was a ‘real’, exclusive reception for the college’s special people that the Archbishop did attend. Classism is alive and well at Modesto Junior College. On the one hand, we have the elites. They get shrimp, and a meet and greet with the Archbishop, and a full helping of the sense of superiority that goes with it. On the other hand, we have the commoners. They get fruit.

Fairness is very important to me. I realize that the idea of fairness really forms my attitudes and opinions of things. It does not seem fair that some people get invited to the First Class party and others are relegated to Steerage. As much as I might like some of the people who attended the exclusive reception, their attendance there causes me to lose respect for them.

In the days following the speech, I’ve heard many people express how great it was. Frankly, I was rather unimpressed. It reminded me A LOT of what I hear in 35-40% of the homilies on Sundays. It may be good stuff, but it’s nothing new. Note to all the gushing admirers of the speech, if you went to church once in a while, you might not be so impressed with what a clergyman has to say.

Anything else I might have wanted to say about all of this has been forgotten.


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