Limitless & Liturgical Strategic Planning

So I found a new toy. Thanks to Paul Berger for introducing me to xtranormal.

I did some research on liturgical strategic planning and liturgy committees today. Got some good stuff. I’m thinking of asking Eloisa to join us as she has some organizational communication background. I may be pushing my luck though. I’ll have to think about it some more.

I saw Limitless tonight. It was pretty good. I loved the camera work and editing. There were moments when the camera was zooming down a street or down to street level from a height, and my brain was briefly tricked into feeling the movement. On Thursday nights, Brenden Theatres sells hot dogs and Polish dogs for $2 each. I had planned on getting a Polish Dog, but when I ordered one, it turned out they weren’t ready. So I got a hot dog. It was quite good, but I had been looking forward to that Polish dog. So I got one after the movie. It was yummy.


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  • Dorinda says:

    Hahah…that adds a whole new dimension to blogging. I think it’s even more humorous for me to watch because I’m familiar with your mannerisms, so I can watch your avatar and recognize that those are your words coming out of his mouth. Does that make any sense?

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