Topic #5: Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

Today’s topic is: Do you prefer talking or text messaging?

And the Bonus is: Somewhere in the middle is voicemail. It used to be that voicemail, or messages on your answering machine (remember those?) was a sign of social significance, but how do you feel about voicemail now? Would you rather get an email, a text message, or a voice mail? Why?

Of course, it depends on the situation. If I need a phone number or address or something, I prefer a text message. But if what’s being discussed needs some explanation, talking is so much better. I prefer talking face to face over talking via the telephone. Also with text messaging, the conversation is spaced out over time whereas a two hour lull in a phone conversation could get awkward.

I hate voicemails. Mostly I hate the time it takes to listen to them. There have been plenty of occasions over the past couple of years that the voicemail indicator light on my work phone stays lit for days. We have new phones now so that doesn’t happen anymore. But at this very moment, I have 5 voicemails on my mobile phone that I haven’t listened to. At least one is over a month old.

More than voicemails or text messages, I prefer email. I can organize, print, reread, and respond to email all very easily. One advantage it has is that I can read it, or sections of it, at my own pace. Unlike voicemails that go pretty much at one speed. And if I miss something in a voicemail, I have to rewind or worse, replay the entire message. No thank you.

So, to sum up, my preferences in order are: email, text messages, voicemail.

Good day.

I said, good day!


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