Suckerlawyer Lincolnpunch

I’ve seen a pair of movies this week.

First up was SuckerPunch. This movie was gorgeous, a visual feast. The amazing scenery and action and hot girls and colors kept coming in a relentless orgy of style and art direction. It really looked great! But like some other feasts, there comes a point when not only have you had enough, but you’ve over-indulged to the extent that you feel rather icky and honestly, the very sight of food is unpleasant or repulsive. Yeah, it was kinda like that.
But the soundtrack was terrific! I love the remake of White Rabbit! And the music went so well with the visuals!! I’m almost certain I’ll have to see this movie again. It really is one of those movies that should be seen on the big screen.
Oh, and I really like Jon Hamm.
On the down side, the story was at worst incredibly lame and at best quite thin. But really, I wasn’t expecting Shakespeare so I’m absolutely prepared to overlook the plot and narrative deficiencies.
Bonus though. This movie may have the most occurences of a particularly silly (but awesome looking) manuever by an action character. You know how ONLY in movies would a character fall from a height and somehow land on one knee and one foot? SO overused. Well, the girls in this movie must have done that move a dozen times. It was happening so often that it became distracting.

Next came The Lincoln Lawyer. I’d had no interest in seeing this but one of my movie-watching companions wanted to see it, and I’m nothing if not fair, so we went.
I really liked it! Good story, well acted. I very much like movies (or books or whatever) that you really have to pay attention to. I love twists and turns and I hate when they don’t make sense. This story worked. I have no idea what was so special about driving around in a Lincoln. It really had nothing to do with anything. It could have been the Cadillac Lawyer or the Winnebago Lawyer and it all would have made no difference. Heck, he could have worked out of an office like every other lawyer in the world and it wouldn’t have any effect on 98% of the story. It was incredibly minor. Oh well. I suppose the book was really good. I should read it.


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