What’s in a name? Nothing if we’re talking film titles.

Tonight, I joined my friend Donna and we saw a Freedom French flick at the college, Un Prophete. A longish movie, very violent, about a young Arab man sent to prison in France. There, he falls in with the Corsican mafia. I thought the movie was pretty good, but like my earlier review of The Lincoln Lawyer, the title of this movie really seemed to have nothing to do with the story. I think we need better headline writers.

Anyway, I was a little sad about the movie tonight because it will be the last Freedom French film shown at MJC for the foreseeable future. This is because the Freedom French program is being eliminated. 🙁 Mme Bucknam, the Freedom French instructor has been there for over 2 decades. She was my instructor when I took classes right out of high school.

I retire early-ish as I am serving as sacristan at a funeral tomorrow morning.


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