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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » Topic #88: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Topic #88: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Topic #88:

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Bonus: what is the worst gift you’ve ever received? (Think re-gifting)

Easy. The best gift I ever received was from my friends Patty and Kathleen. Way back in like 1999 they bought me a Vikings jacket. Totally unexpected. I loved it! I am usually too warm and therefore tend to not wear jackets, but I liked this one so much that I wore it even when it wasn’t freezing out. Sadly, I left it in a car when the car went in for repairs and I never saw it again. 🙁

I loved the jacket because it was the colors of my favorite team. But I loved it more because it came from two very special people.

A very close runner-up is the shirt my buddy Tim gave me this year. It’s a Vikings jersey. So, hint to all you people competing to get me great gifts, Vikings stuff seems to go over big!

I love my mom, but I get the most random gifts from her. One year, she gave me a little pocket multi-tool. This year, it was a flashlight to keep in my car. Another time, it was a miniature letter opening that looked like a dagger. Completely useless stuff to me, but I always try to express my appreciation. Except one year, (and I feel bad about this) she gave me something quasi-useful. She gave me a set of towels. They didn’t match my bathroom at all. And my first reaction upon opening the gift was to reply that I’d just recently purchased towels. I wish I hadn’t said that. It served no purpose other than to diminish her gift. I regretted it immediately.


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  • Tim says:

    Best gift I ever received…easy…when I was seven, my friend Johnny across the street could not attend the birthday party my mom and dad had thrown for me at McDonalds. I was devastated. A week later, his mom asked if I could go out to dinner with them. My parents allowed it no problem. She took us to Chuck E. Cheese and when the pizza came out, so did the gift. It was Optimus Prime, the ultimate transformer and far and away the coolest, most unexpected, and most expensive gift I had ever received from someone who wasn’t a relative. If I ever get my own Hot Tub Time Machine, I will re-live that day.

    I am honored I made your list! You rock that jersey!

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