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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » Car woes

Car woes

I was running really low on gas today, but I finally got my Visa gift card activated so this afternoon, I drove to the gas station to put the $30 into my tank. As I made to leave, my car wouldn’t start. After a moment or two, the engine did turn over and I was able to go about my evening. I hoped that the problem had been that I’d been so low on fuel that the pump needed to be re-primed.
After my next errand at the Community Center, I went to start the car and again, it wouldn’t turn over. This time, it REALLY didn’t work. I called Steve to see if he was still at work (which is nearby) and it turned out that he was actually at the church. I asked if he could come give me a jump-start. As I waited for him, a man pulled up to drop his son off for Boy Scouts. He asked if he could help. He didn’t have cables but he pulled his vehicle up to mine so that he could do the jump when the cables arrived. Moments later, Vangie arrived with the cables and we were able to get my car started. The gentleman advised me to drive around for a bit and then pull into a gas station where I could test the battery and charge it or buy a new one. I said that I would but that it would have to wait until Thursday when I got paid. He then insisted on giving me money to get a battery. He didn’t even want to give me his name so that I could pay him back.
My very own Good Samaritan.


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