Oregon, Day 1

Notable events of the past day or so.

Took a photo of Mt. Shasta from the car.  

Had a good 5K training this morning. Two 8-minute periods of jogging interrupted by a 5 minute walk. Sunday will be 20 minutes of non-stop jogging. w00t!

Arrived in Portland, picked up David from the airport. So far, Portland is not as great as I expected. But I’ll give it more time to really form an impression. I expect that I’ll like the suburbs better.

Tonight, Dave and I went to Christopher’s Gourmet Grill for dinner. I had the Louisiana Burger and he had the Chicken Burger. It was good food and the experience was very entertaining. Game 3 of the NBA Western Division Finals was on and employees and patrons of the place were quite free with their support and encouragement for Dallas. Dallas ended up winning.

Got to see Kate Jackson on an episode of Criminal Minds.


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  • Rizza says:

    Did you know that my great (x4 or something) Grandfather (Peter Skeene Ogden) named Mt. Shasta? That means I get a prize.

    And don’t hate Portland… give it time! It’s a great city.

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