Oregon, Day 4 – To the coast!

We wrapped up the first leg of our trip to Oregon this morning. The morning consisted of nothing more than sleeping in as best we could, a leisurely pack and clean, breakfast, and a scenic drive to Cannon Beach.

We arrived at about mid-day and checked in to a cute little five-room inn. The units are smallish; cozy would be a good way to describe them, but large enough for our needs. We met up with Rizza & Deb (true names withheld under threat of pain) and popped into town to acquire some provisions. The rest of the afternoon was spent walking along the coastline, chatting and taking photos. As it was too early to start a movie, we passed the next couple of hours sitting outside our rooms playing a card game I’d purchased for the occasion, Gloom. It was fun (except for Rizza who didn’t enjoy it at all!) and wouldn’t you know it, David won. Curses!

The weather, in typical Oregon fashion, changed several times over the course of the afternoon/evening. It’s several degrees cooler here at the edge of the ocean than it was 90 miles inland. I love it! But I wasn’t entirely prepared for it. Note to self: next time bring a sweater and sweatpants.

After a meal break, we gathered in the girls’ room to watch The Fellowship of the Ring. Rizza had never seen it so I promised/vowed/threatened months ago to bring the entire extended edition series to watch while we were here. Well, she was a trooper! She made it through the entire movie and even acknowledged that she liked it more than she expected to. Nice! So we shall see if everyone is up for continuing the series tomorrow night.

I’ll have several photos to post from the trip, but I’ll be waiting until I get home to process them all and upload. So in addition to a future post that will be photo-centric, I’ll be ret-conning some of these posts with the addition of some images.


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