Sunday was actually Rainday

Last night I slept in my own bed. It was awesome! Got the best night’s sleep in almost two weeks. Next time I travel, I should bring my bed with me.

Today, I played for Mass at 10:00 then had a nice conversation with Chris about the direction of music at the 10 AM. Afterwards, Steve and I went to lunch at Perko’s. Nice meal, good conversation. It did get me thinking about when life is supposed to get easier. Also did laundry this afternoon, got all my photos uploaded to flickr and facebook, and did my 5K training. The training went great! Today consisted of 25 minutes of uninterrupted jogging. Nailed it! I believe that every day of training from now on will be 25 or more minutes of jogging. So, I hope to get my speed up such that by the 28th, I’ll be covering 3 miles in that 25 minutes. Stay tuned.

Rounded out the evening with a belly dancing event at the Clarion. Took more photos. But I’m too tired to process them tonight.

Back to reality tomorrow.

Oh yeah, it rained a little today. It was awesome.


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