Anything to hang my hat on

I was starting to think I was being punk’d. For the past year or more, my scale has disclosed to me that I weigh 245 lbs +/- 2 lbs. No matter what I do with my food consumption or level of physical activity, my mass has been remarkably consistent. In fact, a few years ago, I discontinued drinking as much as 32-48 ounces of sugared soda on a daily basis AND took my first PE class in 20 years. I followed that up with joining a gym, working with a personal trainer for a month, and closely monitoring what I ate. As a result of all of these changes, can you guess how much weight I lost? Zero. How very motivating!

So now I’ve been walking/jogging for about two months and trying to do most of my cooking at home. Based on the sum of all previous experiences, I didn’t expect much. So imagine my surprise when yesterday the scale told me that I was coming in at 240 lbs. Yeah, I was suspicious. A fluke I thought! But this morning it read the same. It’s only a couple of pounds, but anything is a welcome development.

Actually, even before this latest sign, I have been imagining thinking that my pants were fitting a little more loosely. And I am in need of a new (smaller) belt. So it’s only a matter of time before I’ll need to buy new clothes. Or…. seeing as how I never throw anything out, I probably still have clothes from 15-20 years ago that I will soon fit into! Good thing 80s fashion will never go out of style!


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