Rain in June

What great weather this weekend! Rain off and on. Of course, I love the cool weather. Thank you global warming!

Mass this morning went well. It was the last time in the old church. Next week, the schedule changes and we’ll be in the new church. About time! It seems like there is some general consensus about how to move forward. That’s good. I’m tired of fighting.

Went for my run this afternoon. A total of four miles in intervals of 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking over 50 minutes. Then I cooked a steak for dinner. Yum.

Here’s another lipdub. My friend, Betty, shared this earlier today.


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  • Seaners says:

    Just watched this today after not having seen it for maybe 5 1/2 years. It totally made me cry. Why oh why do I get so moved at groups of people moving in coordination? It must have taken hundreds if not more than a thousand people working together to make this video. How awesome.

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