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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » St. Stanislaus

Thursday is the new Friday

Today seemed very long. It wasn’t busy at work, but it wasn’t as slow as it’s been other days this week either.

I’m a little OCD I think. Here’s one manifestation: whenever I eat M&Ms, skittles, or any bite size snack food, I have to eat them in pairs, one for each side of my mouth. Well, I don’t HAVE to. But I definitely make every effort to satisfy that need.

I watched again the episode of the Office where Michael leaves. What a tear jerker. Very good acting/directing/writing to pull at my emotions the way it did.

Went for a run after work. I think I pushed myself too hard. I wasn’t able to go as long as yesterday and my ankle started hurting a bit. Tomorrow is a rest day so I hope that I’ll be good to go on Saturday.

I attended a dialogue session at the church tonight on the topic of immigration. It’s a complex issue that I struggle with sometimes. The video we were shown felt so heavy-handed. I wish people wouldn’t do that. It’s really unneccessary.

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.

Today was an incredibly boring and unproductive day at work. Summers are always slow, but this was ridiculous.

This evening, I played Aluatis for a while, but my Monday night group couldn’t really get things together so grouping didn’t actually happen. Alas. We intend to try again on Thursday.

I listed to and sang through several Mass settings that we will choose from for Advent and beyond. I liked the Mass of Renewal by Curtis Stephan the best. I think Jody is amenable to that setting.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I am sort of learning Italian. I love languages and I miss studying them.

Sunday potpourri

I started the day by playing/singing for Mass. Despite my lacerated index finger, I think I did a tollerable job. But here’s the problem, in 3 weeks, the Mass schedule changes and the 10 AM Mass will be in the Maze church. We still don’t really have a plan for what will happen with music when the schedule changes. I suspect that Mike will not last long and if/when he goes, Chris will follow. Cynthia has turned out to be pretty much worthless, so maybe I’m all there is. *Sigh*

Played several more hours of LOTRO this afternoon. Haelindir again. I got him up to 38, so mission accomplished. Back to Aluatis tomorrow night. All of the enhanced xp is used up for Haelindir, so I probably won’t play him again until next weekend.

Our tri-tip fundraiser did turn a profit, but I’d guess that it will all turn out to not have been worth the effort.

Did week 7, day 3 of my 5K training this evening. I’m pretty sure I upped my speed. That’s great! I have two more training sessions before I actually run a 5K (next Saturday).

I’m very much not looking forward to going to work tomorrow. I’m rather discontent. I’d like so much for things to be different but I am ruled by inertia. I keep looking for that combination of things that will lead to change. The search continues.

Oh, and it seems I’m an inconsiderate jerk.

Fridays in the summer

At MJC, for the summer, we all switch to 4 10-hour workdays with Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays off.
I hate it. The days are so long; you have to spend Fridays recovering from the week, Sundays getting ready for the next week, and there’s no time to do stuff in the evenings after work. My solution is to use vacation time to shorten each of my work days.

Anyway, fans of this schedule will point to the extra day off. But as I mentioned, I spent most of today sleeping in, and doing nothing. I did get some time in on Haelindir, he gained almost 2 levels today. I’m hoping to have him at 38 by weekend’s end. I also went shopping with Jose for the tri-tip fundraiser this weekend. We spent just under $1000 at Cash & Carry. He still had more shopping to do at Costco too. I hope we make a decent profit.

I did my training tonight. I’m on week 7 (day 2) which has me jogging 25 minutes. But I made a mistake and did the training for week 8, day 2, which had me jogging for 28 minutes. I did it, and it wasn’t too bad. Now, do I go back and make up for what I missed or do I just go forward from where I am?

By the way, thanks for reading.

Sunday was actually Rainday

Last night I slept in my own bed. It was awesome! Got the best night’s sleep in almost two weeks. Next time I travel, I should bring my bed with me.

Today, I played for Mass at 10:00 then had a nice conversation with Chris about the direction of music at the 10 AM. Afterwards, Steve and I went to lunch at Perko’s. Nice meal, good conversation. It did get me thinking about when life is supposed to get easier. Also did laundry this afternoon, got all my photos uploaded to flickr and facebook, and did my 5K training. The training went great! Today consisted of 25 minutes of uninterrupted jogging. Nailed it! I believe that every day of training from now on will be 25 or more minutes of jogging. So, I hope to get my speed up such that by the 28th, I’ll be covering 3 miles in that 25 minutes. Stay tuned.

Rounded out the evening with a belly dancing event at the Clarion. Took more photos. But I’m too tired to process them tonight.

Back to reality tomorrow.

Oh yeah, it rained a little today. It was awesome.

Ana’s wedding

I attended the wedding of Ana Torres on Saturday. She is the receptionist at St. Stanislaus. I was very honored to have been invited. As might be expected, I took a few photos.

The couple enters the reception.
Ana's wedding - 11

Vangie and Walt
Ana's wedding - 13

Ana's wedding - 19

The happy couple
Ana's wedding - 14

A whole lot of running around

Today was the first day of what will be a very busy weekend.
After I got off work at 2, I went by the church to pick up a key, stopped in at the Salvation Army store, and did my 5K training. The wind made it difficult but I got it done. Then, after a quick shower, I went down to open up the church for the Memorial Vigil for Jeff Broome. After the service, I went down to Minnie’s for the hafla. I took 500 photos! Quite ridiculous really. So you can expect to see some more belly dance photos soon.

Photos from the Vigil

Outside during the Service of Light
Easter Vigil 2011 - 27

Inside the candlelit church
Easter Vigil 2011 - 39

Some of the catechumens
Easter Vigil 2011 - 67

Tom and Jackson
Easter Vigil 2011 - 69

Pants aflame!

It seems that without meaning to, I have lied about posting pics from the Vigil. I had the best of intentions but time has once again slipped away from me. I shall endeavor to rectify this tomorrow.

Today I got up rather early to go open the gates at Central Catholic for overflow parking. I then attended the 8:00 Mass. There were tons of people there today. Nice to have the church full at an English Mass for a change. Afterwards, I went by the downtown church to speak with the music group. I asked about joining them and it looks like I’ll start doing so next weekend.

The rest of the day was pretty much working on Haelindir, my hunter. I’m trying to level him up to the mid 50s range so I can use him for my Monday night sessions. I still have 20 levels to go. 🙁

Holy Saturday

I went to the Easter Vigil tonight. I’m hoping I’m just biased, but music just seems so mediocre at the church. But that’s better than being awful. One thing that was good about the music was the selection of songs. Of course, they’re essentially the same songs that I started the parish using two years ago. 🙂 I did one of the readings and took some photos. I’ll post a few of them tomorrow.
My feet are quite tired from all the standing I did.

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