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Just about the most boring day ever

Super lazy day today. I wish I were more inspired to do stuff. 🙁

  • Played some LOTRO. Did some book work with Aluatis.
  • Watched a lot of stuff. Episodes of Castle, Robin Hood, 30 Rock, Lie To Me, Smallville, and the movie Pandorum. Pandorum was interesting. I have questions about what the members of the ship were experiencing for the entire movie. I feel there are some unresolved plot points.
  • Called and talked with my dad.
  • Researched stuff to do in Portland. The more I look into making the trip, the more excited I’m getting.
  • Did not go shoot photos of Nicole for her website.
  • Cooked up chicken and pasta.

My beard is starting to get on my nerves. It will be a relief to shave it off.

It’s expected to be rainy and blustery all week. I hear frequent creaking coming from the vicinity of the roof.

Modesto AmBadAssadors, suit up!

Saw Unknown tonight. Liked it a lot! Liam Neeson brings the bad ass and both ladies in the film are easy on the eyes. This was my first movie, post-oscars, and it was supposed to be the inaugural regularly scheduled Modesto AmBadAssadors meetup. But I went by myself. Boo! Ah well. Next week – Adjustment Bureau.
Score = A- (just a couple of minor plot questions I had, nothing big.)

I’m transfering my blog to a new address: www.seaners4real.net. For a couple of days, this site might be mirrored over there, just until I get it all set up. But it will be moving very soon.

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