Wedding Day

My friend, Kathleen’s wedding is today. Some days it’s really hard to be happy for others’ good fortune when I am still so sad. Even watching tv shows, there are moments when very suddenly my chest feels empty.
The good news is that in the past several days, I have had a lot of opportunity for reflection. I hope that I have learned something from all of this. Growth is good, right? It’s easy to see where the term growing pains comes from.

My hope today is that I am able to look beyond my own neediness and be happy for Kathleen and Scott.

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  • Betay says:

    I completely agree with your statement about growing pains. In fact, I think I have a closing statement in a journal somewhere about that very topic.I hope it gets easier each day. And that, months from now, it makes sense for you. I guess that's what people should wish one another. Instead of "good luck" or "much happiness" maybe we should say to one another… "may this all make sense one day."

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