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Inconsequentials & Trivialities » Something to do

Something to do

Today consisted of

  • waking up not according to some predetermined schedule, but when my body was done sleeping (spring forward, who cares?)
  • watching some tv (an episode of V to be precise)
  • going to Mass (the music continues to be mediocre)
  • lunching at Sips Bistro with Steve and Fr. Ramon (I had the Chicken Cesar Wrap.)
  • spending a couple of hours at the milonga at Azucar (Silvia and I had made plans to go. It was mostly tango, but also a smattering of many other styles. Mary in particular was very kind and asked me to dance several times. If you know me, you know I like dancing and have no problem with partner dancing, I actually prefer it, but I do need to know the steps.)
  • more tv (forthcoming. Perhaps some Being Human or Ordinary Family. I should watch the dvd I have from Netflix, The Island.)
  • LOTRO (Aluatis needs to continue with Volume 1.)
  • posting here (which I just finished.)


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