It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Into training for a 10K now that I’ve actually run the 5K. Last night I ran 4.25 miles in intervals of 5 minutes running, 1 minute walking, rinse, repeat. That was a good training! Tonight was 2.5 miles but 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. My legs is sore! Especially my thighs. Hmmm.

Anyway, I’m glad I get tomorrow off from the running! I need a day of rest. Back at it on Friday though.

This morning, I secured day permits for 4 of us to hike up to the top of Half-Dome on September 21st. Dave is in. Rizza is planning to come to California but refrain from making the ascent, although I have the permit so that if she chooses, she can change her mind. I plan ahead like that. 🙂 Starbuck likewise is not an effing mountain goat, so even if she comes down to California (not a certainty), she probably won’t be up for that particular activity. But again, I’m prepared in case she has a change of heart. I hope they both can make it. My vacation with them and Dave was about the best time I’ve had in years.

Also, I thought it would be fun, if we all got together again, to spend a day out on the lake, so I started looking into boat rentals at Lake Don Pedro.

So that week in September would involve a 10K, a day at the lake, a night camping in Yosemite, a 12 hour hike up to the top of Half-Dome, and probably a 5K for the parish festival, and probably other social stuff including a possible trip to Napa/Sonoma for some wine tasting action. Biz to the eeee!

I like planning! I feel upbeat right now. 🙂



  • Rizza says:

    So much to say but I’m supposed to be sleeping. But I am so excited about camping it’s not even funny. But I did just re-re-review the half dome info and I can categorically say there is no way I am an effing mountain goat either. We need a team meeting to discuss plans. Also, September is too far away. The end.

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