Tonight, we had another meeting to discuss and plan the implementation of the New Translation of the Roman Missal. I think it was a good meeting. It was Fr. Ramon, Deacon Jose, John, Jody, Cynthia, and me. We talked about how it went last week and whether we wanted to continue with the plan. We also talked about the selection of a new setting of the Mass. Last month, I had suggested and hoped that we would agree that the entire parish should use one common Mass setting for at least the first year. However, last month, that was not everyone’s position.

Fast forward to tonight. Fr. Ramon thought that we had agreed last month to use one setting for all the English Masses, so he was sort of pushing that course of action. There was still a little resistance, but I do believe that the consensus os that we will indeed all be using a common setting of the Mass. Yay!

We also revisited the choice of assembly resource in the pews. It looks like we will be ditching United in Christ for either Breaking Bread or the Music Issue. That too is good news.


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