Payday = spendday

I had a lot of difficulty sleeping last night. In part because my calves and feet were sore! Nevertheless, I walked another 4 miles today.

Very productive after-work period tonight. First, I went to the Honda dealership and had them put in a new battery for me ($108). Then I went to the mall and replaced the battery in my pocket watch ($6.50) and I had a strombolli at LA Italian ($5.95). After that, I went to the Goodwill Store and bought a blazer ($5.00). The main event of the evening was going to Brenden to see Atlas Shrugged pt 1 ($5.00) and while there, I bought a pair of Polish dogs ($4.00). Finally, I stopped by Save Mart to buy a few things ($15.00). All told, I spent $149.45.

Looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll spend even more money.


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